Amidst a global pandemic and the isolation of the world's population, AN EMPTY ROOM are no more. We have enjoyed the past 4 years of bumming people out, but we live on two separate continents now. Thanks for coming to shows and listening to our recordings.


Our final EP is The End b/w Laura Palmer's theme. It includes the final song we wrote and one of our Twin Peaks songs from last year. Get it at Bandcamp, name-your-price.


Out now on RED DOOR RECORDS is our split with DEATH CARRIER from Germany. This is our crustiest and weirdest EP yet with speed metal beats, modular noise and saxophone. Lyrically it covers two coming horrors of climate damnation, plague of rats and the class inequality of heatwave death.

Grab it from Red Door Records' Bigcartel site, standard cassette or special edition with a vial of ashes in a burlap bag.